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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

How to: Recover Deleted Files in Android Internal Memory + SD Card

Accidentally deleted Files or Formatted Internal Memory of your Android Device. . Now you can restore your deleted files and/or from formatted memory of Internal SD Card. If you need to restore files Deleted or Formatted from External/microSD Card, you should use this windows software " Get Data Back for FAT and NTFS " (Safe, The Best and Highly Recommended Method for Data recovery of External SD Card - No ROOT Required) also works for devices that supports USB Storage mode that offers your devices Internal SD Card as removable storage . . . 

1.  First of all - You need to STOP using your device with immediate effect to prevent any further data loss.
2.  The Best method to recover your precious data either deleted or formatted is to connect your device to your PC in USB Storage Mode (Not in MTP or PTP mode) and Download the above listed software Get Data Back for FAT and NTFS, follow the above link for further help. .
3.  Run the Get Data Back for FAT application with administrative privileges, as most probably your default internal or external SD card storage would be mounted/formatted as FAT partition either 16 or 32.
4.  Now select your required drive either internal or external storage as required and thoroughly scan your storage. After this has been done, You'll be presented with the list of folders with random names.
5.  Now you need to select and copy files needed to any other media such as your local disk or Windows desktop. WARNING: Never use same storage as of recovery drive as this will reduce the quality of data to be recovered, otherwise you won't be able to recover files if you again need to scan your device for lost files. . 
6. If you can't connect to your PC, Download these two softwares Undelete for Root Users and Disk Digger PRO - Both apps require Root Access, otherwise they won't work ! ! ! Also try the Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android - PC based data recovery software (More accurate recovery and  recommended)
7.  Run Undelete for Root Users and Scan your Internal SD Card thoroughly to get the best results when recovering data.
8.  You'll be presented with lots of files to recover (if available in good condition*). All you need to do is to restore those files onto External SD Card of your device. . . Remember: Never select Internal SD Card for Recovering your lost data of Internal SD Card and Vice-Versa otherwise it'll reduce the chances of recovering your data next time you use these or any other data recovery software available out there.
9.  Furthermore you can run Disk Digger PRO to get more results for recovery of files but Disk Digger provides with a lot of fragmented files as well because of the nature of Flash Memory and Android for saving files in a scattered manner when low on space. . This way resulting number of fragments of files increasing and thereby reducing the chances of data recovery (Just as in Windows, Mac or any other Operating System)
10.  You are Done . . More ways to restore data to be added soon.

* Good condition here indicates that the files deleted have not been overwritten in any manner and are in single fragment.

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Typing Master Pro

Typing Master PRO, a perfect partner for you to learn typing. Need to spend some time practising and improving your typing skills, try this (Typing Master Pro) and learn typing without watching the keyboard and master your typing with this software..

Why to try Typing Master?
Beginners can benefit by typing seamlessly and fluently without watching the keyboard both alphabets, numeric and symbols. .
Professionals can benefit by typing fluidly, efficiently and more rapidly than before. .

Download the Zip file provided and extract the package.
Install the TypingMasterENG.exe and temporarily disconnect from internet.
Use the serial key provided in the .txt text file to successfully register your copy of software.
Enjoy the benefits of PRO user. . . 

If you can't support us, Don't worry here's a direct link for you Mediafire Link

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Thursday, 27 February 2014

How to: Download torrents directly via http and download manager - without any software

How to: Download torrent files directly from http - without any software (You can also use download mangers to resume at a later stage).

If you ever met with situations like you need to download something you need urgently but you're unable to do so because of the restrictions imposed by your network administrator, firewall and/or protecting softwares such as cyberoam in your school, college, office etc. Now you can download torrent files without using any software.
Method 1: Download torrents without using any software
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Saturday, 22 February 2014

How to Unlock Windows 8 Personalization Settings and Change User Account Picture

Dear Readers, if you've activated your copy of Windows 8 using KJ's Permanent Activator instead of KMS 180 days activator, then you may face a common problem of having your Personalization settings locked even after you have "Activate your copy of Windows" message removed. . Such as unable to change User Account Picture etc.
You can now unlock the Personalization Setting in Windows 8 and start Customizing your Windows your way. .

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Canvas Knight A350 or Nuclea N2 - Duel for Best of the Best of a Common Man. . .

Micromax has recently announced it's launch of Micromax Canvas Knight instead of Canvas 5. This means that there is no intention of Micromax to Launch Canvas 5 in near future. Although Micromax is well known for budget phones and earned it's name from Indian market. . Similarly we have another Mobile Phone Company that produces Phones known as iberry. iberry's providing great phones at very reasonable and quite cheaper rates even as compared to Micromax. . Seriously, Micromax's Canvas 4 had nothing special as compared to Canvas HD aka Canvas 3, but Company hiked it's price from Rs. 12,500/- to Rs. 18,500/- directly for merely 13MP Camera and 16 GB Internal Memory. . God, Can anyone tell me whether it's storage that has cost that much difference. Micromax may have improved the quality in Canvas 4 as compared to Canvas HD but this doesn't mean to raise the prices that much high and then Canvas Turbo, which lack the support for external storage was priced at Rs. 19,990/- again a hike in the prices for providing 1080p IPS LCD display, 1.5GHz Quad Core and 2GB RAM, whereas iberry's Auxus Nuclea does contained all these features @ merely Rs. 15,990/-. The Phone didn't received the response as expected from users, but the company didn't looked back and provided it's users with Auxus Nuclea N2 @ Rs. 19,990/- that is Equal to the price of Canvas Turbo. Nuclea N2 carries many much features with it such as 1.7GHz True Octa Core Processor, 2GB RAM, MALI 450 Quad Core GPU, 1080p Active Matrix Display with OLED and Corning Gorilla Glass Protection, 16 GB Internal Memory and 64GB Expandable Memory plus Wireless Charging, Android Beam, NFC, 3500mAh Li-Polymer Battery, OTG Support, USB Fast Charge etc. as extras as compared to Canvas Turbo at equivalent Price of Rs. 19,990/-. It's Somewhat revealed from some sources and more than that is expected to have a price higher that it's predecessor i.e. Canvas 4 and Canvas Turbo. We can't expect to have the prices lesser than their prices as a simple economic rule.  Let's have a look at the specifications of both Canvas Knight A350 and Auxus Nuclea N2:-

Micromax Canvas Knight
Auxus Nuclea N2
2.0 GHz True Octa Core MediaTek MT6592 Processor
1.7 GHz True Octa Core MediaTek MT6592 Processor
Either Mali 450 Quad Core GPU or PowerVR SGX 6 Series (not mentioned clearly)
Mali 450 MP4 Quad Core GPU
Android JellyBean 4.2.2 Upgradable to KitKat 4.4.2 via OTA
Android JellyBean 4.2.2 Upgradable to KitKat 4.4.2 via OTA
32GB Internal Memory but Non-Expandable
16GB Internal, Expandable upto 64GB
5" HD IPS LCD 1920*1080 (1080p) with 441 ppi Pixel Density
5.7" OGS Display 1920*1080 (1080p) 441 ppi with Active Matrix Technology and Full Lamination
Screen Protection
Corning Gorilla Glass
Corning Gorilla Glass
2350 mAh Li-Ion
3500 mAh Li-Polymer
16.0 MP Rear and 5 MP Front Camera with Features similar to S4.
13.0 MP Rear and 8.0 Front with Features similar to S4
Proximity, Gravity, Light, Magnetic, compass etc.
Proximity, Gravity, Light & Magnetic Sensors
SIM Support
Dual SIM (3G+3G)
Dual SIM (3G+2G)
Other Features
Wireless Display, OTG etc.
Wi-Fi Direct, Wireless Display, Wireless Charging, Fast Charging, OTG, NFC and/or Android Beam

Conclusion: Micromax Canvas Knight will be giving a tough challenge to Auxus Nucleaa N2 if their prices are reasonable but if the prices are supposed to be higher than expected, then anyone can guess N2 is the clear winner with both the specs as well as prices mentioned. . . Because Canvas only carries a 16.0 MP Camera and 2.0GHz Octa Core Processor as better specs than N2 otherwise N2 Carries better specifications in every aspect.
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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Canvas 5 vs Galaxy S5 vs Nuclea N2 - Who's the Best ? ?

It is revealed from some sources that Micromax is to launch their best phone of their Canvas flagship in the first quarter of 2014. A well known brand Samsung is ready to present their best phone of their Galaxy S Series, which will be Samsung's Galaxy S5. As per the rumors heard, both the phones are to be released near about each other. But obviously Micromax's Canvas 5 will be a budget phone yet packed with Powerhouse and features that are similar to Samsung's Galaxy S IV in a way or another. .  Meanwhile iberry has already set their First Smartphone for the Q1 of 2014 to Launch, which is iberry's Auxus Nuclea N2-The rising beast. iberry has made a sensational change in the world of Smartphones and Challenging enviornment for other competitors in the market and has made them think once again before manufacturing devices equipped with low specs at high prices. . Let's have a look at the specifications for all devices . . But iberry's Nuclea N2's Specs are confirmed and the device is already set on Pre-Booking @ Rs. 19990/-

Micromax Canvas 5
Samsung's Galaxy S5
iberry's Auxus Nuclea N2
1.7 GHz True Octa Core MediaTek MT6592 Processor
2.2 GHz True Octa Core Exynos Processor
1.7 GHz True Octa Core MediaTek MT6592 Processor
Either Mali 450 Quad Core GPU or PowerVR SGX 6 Series
Mali 450 MP4 Quad Core GPU
Android JellyBean 4.2.2 Upgradable to KitKat 4.4.2 via OTA
Android KitKat 4.4.2 Upgradable via OTA
Android JellyBean 4.2.2 Upgradable via OTA
16GB Internal, Expandable upto 32GB
16GB Internal, Expandable upto 64GB
16GB Internal, Expandable upto 64GB
5" HD IPS LCD 1920*1080 (1080p) with 441 ppi Pixel Density
SuperCool LCD HD Display 5" 2560*1920 (2K) with 561 ppi Pixel Density
5.7" OGS Display 1920*1080 (1080p) 441 ppi with Active Matrix Technology and Full Lamination
Screen Protection
Corning Gorilla Glass
Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Corning Gorilla Glass
2600 mAh Li-Ion
3300 mAh Li-Ion
3500 mAh Li-Polymer
16.0 MP Rear and 5 MP Front Camera with Features similar to S4.
16.7 MP Rear and 5 MP Front with Features similar or better than S4.
13.0 MP Rear and 8.0 Front with Features
Accelerometer, Proximity, Gravity, Light, Gyroscope, Direction, E-Compass etc.
Similar to SIV plus may be additional one or two.
Proximity, Gravity, Light & Magnetic Sensors
SIM Support
Dual SIM (3G+3G)
Single SIM (4G/3G/2G)
Dual SIM (3G+2G)
Other Features
Wi-Fi Direct, Wireless Display, Wireless Charging, Fast Charging, OTG, NFC and/or Android Beam
Similar or Better than SIV
Wi-Fi Direct, Wireless Display, Wireless Charging, Fast Charging, OTG, NFC and/or Android Beam

Although Galaxy Phones are very widely known for Feature Packed Phones but, they are very costly to an extent and are not covered under budget for many people. On the other hand, Micromax is well known for manufacturing budget phones yet packed with many features but iberry has challenged even Micromax by releasing their competing Smartphones such as Auxus Nuclea N1 and Auxus Nuclea N2. The Nuclea N1 has all the features that the users were expecting to be loaded in Canvas 4. . and now, againg iberry's Auxus Nuclea N2 holds all those features that the users are expecting to be in Canvas 5. Remember that last time Micromax badly disappointed their users with the release of Canvas 4 by hiding their final Price + Specs and Specifications were similar to Canvas HD except the Camera and Storage. . . Until next words are heard from the side of Micromax and Samsung, Let's keep out fingers crossed for what to come next. . .

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Micromax Canvas 4 A210 All in One - ROM, ROOT, Custom ROM/Recovery, Flash Tool etc.

Presenting Micromax's Canvas 4 A210's Stock ROM, Rooting Kit, Custom Rom, Custom Recovery, Flash Tool, IMEI writing tool etc. with Instructions..

Dear Readers, I'm now Sharing with you guys Micromax's Canvas 4 A210's AIO (All in One) Kit... As you may already know that Rooting VOIDS Manufacturer's Warranty for your device, So kindly proceed at your own risk.. 

Reclaim your warranty :
You can always Re-Claim your Warranty back by Flashing Stock Rom on your Canvas 4... You can find detailed report later in this post..

How to Flash Stock Rom:
Things You'll need to Flash your device and Reclaim Warranty
  • Download the Stock Rom File and SP Flash Tools...
  • Extract the contents of the Stock Rom and SP Flash Tool
  • Install the Drivers downloaded from above, if already installed proceed to next step.
  • Run Flash Tool.exe file with Administrator Rights (Run as Administrator)
  • Now you'll see 5 file options, click the "scatter loading file" and point towards the location where you just extracted your Stock ROM..
  • Select the "MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt" file..
  • Check the option "DA DL All with Checksum"..
  • Don't connect your device to your PC right now and Just Shut Down your Device until it Vibrates.
  • After this has been done, Press the Download button on SP Flash Tool running..
  • Flash Tool will then Start Looking for attached devices, just then plug in your Device, You'll see Red bar Finishes followed by a purple bar.. Yellow bar will show your overall progress of writing..
  • A Green Circle with OK will be displayed to confirm the successful Flashing of ROM.
  • That's it.. Now just Turn your Canvas 4 Back ON.. You are now covered under your warranty period
Flashing Custom Recovery CWM (ClockWorkMod) :
  • Follow the above procedure for Flashing Stock ROM but just Replace the Stock Recovery Image with Custom Recovery Image..
  • Leave all fields as it is and click on Recovery and Select the Recovery.img Provided here under the post and Replace it with provided one.
Alternate Method for Flashing Custom Recovery(Requires ROOT Access):
  • Place the Provided the Recovery.img on your SD Card and Download MobileUncle MTK Tools (Root Required) from either Google Play Store or from here..
  • Select to Flash Custom Recovery from with in the MobileUncle MTK Tools..
  • You are DONE.. !!
Rooting Your Canvas 4 (Proceed Only if you understand the Risk, Advantages & Disadvantages of Rooting)
  • Download the Rooting kit and Extract the contents to any folder.
  • Connect your device to PC in MTP Mode & USB Debugging Enabled Mode. Turn USB Debugging ON from Developer Options of Settings (Settings>Developer Options>Enable USB Debugging - Go to Settings>About Phone>Tap 7 times on build number until a toast is displayed "You are now a developer" to Show Developer Options in Settings on Android 4.2+)
  • Double Click the RunMe.Bat file and wait for exploit... (Note: USB Debugging and Drivers required in order to push exploit and SuperSU.apk)
  • Your device will Restart Automatically & You are good to go now... Open SuperSU or SU you'll find in your application drawer...
  • Enjoy the Power of a Rooted User.. !!

To be Continued . . .

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Cleaning an Infected Computer

Keeping Digital World Secure from Computer Virus - Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Dear Readers, as you may already know about the existence of threats to our digital life such as Viruses, Worms, Trojans and/or other malwares. In this post, we'll discuss on removing these threats on both environments i.e. Normal and Dangerous (Heavily Infected Systems). First of all, we'll start with the basics on how to recognize a PC Infection that Whether a PC is infected or not although the very first signs of PC infection may be transparent to both the user and the OS i.e. You may not know the difference by any percent whether your system is infected or not but still there may be infection running on your system without your knowledge.

Q: How to Identify whether PC is Infected or Not?
There are several ways you can recognize whether your PC is infected or not.
  1. Start Task Manager>Processes>Check Show Processes from all users. If you find any processes running unusual with odd looking names like or similar to jqlysc.exe, svrexe.exe, qrckm.exe, DIIHOST.EXE, XPLORER.EXE etc and any .pif files or programs running, then you're system is 100% infected.
  2. Right Click on each of your Local Drives, if the first menu item is AutoPlay or AutoRun, then your system as well as root of that drive is infected...
  3. Open Folder Options>Enable View Hidden Files and Folders, Uncheck Hide Protected System Files, Uncheck Hide Extensions for Known File Types. Open any of your drive and see if there are any unusual hidden files and folders. (Note: Don't double click to open your drives, this will infect your system immediately if infection is present in your system... Always type drive letter followed by colon in My Computer's or Explorer's address bar eg. Type C: for opening C drive of your system.)
  4. BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) occurs more often even if you have latest and stable drivers for your hardware and you haven't made any recent hardware modifications such as Adding New Hardware (USB Sticks and/or Removable Media including Human Interference Devices such as Keyboard/Mouse and other Plug n Play Devices are an exception to this case)
  5. Your PC Won't Boot into Safe Mode. Task Manager, Registry Editor, Msconfig and other Utilities disabled.
  6. Foul and/or threatening messages being displayed on your PC etc.
Treatment of Virus (Cleaning Process)
  1. The very first step is to get disconnected from internet and restart your computer in safe mode by rapidly tapping F8 function key while your system is about to load Windows.
  2. In Safe Mode, Open RUN command either from Start Menu or by pressing Windows logo button on keyboard + R key from keyboard.
  3. Type in " msconfig ". This will open Microsoft configuration utility.
  4. Point toward start-up options and disable any unknown or all entries, that you may find infectious.
  5. Now go to control panel > folder options> view option> uncheck hide protecting operating system files, hide extensions for known file types etc.
  6. Now open your explorer either via running Windows explorer or double clicking my computer icon and Right click on your system drive usually C:\ and check whether there is Any option related to AutoRun, AUTORun, AuToPlAY, AuToPlAY etc any thing similar to this, then DO NOT DOUBLE CLICK ON ANY DRIVES TO OPEN THEM IF SUCH MESSAGE EXISTS BECAUSE THE VIRUS/TROJAN/WORM OR ANY OTHER MALICIOUS FILE WILL THEN AUTOMATICALLY BE TRIGGERED AND INFECT YOUR SYSTEM
  7. Open your Windows Task Manager. If any virus has disabled your task manager, try finding alternative of task manager and disable any suspicious processes except the processes that are marked System or Local Service and Download ComboFix from here or from Mediafire or from it's official webpage (Bleeping Computer) and Run with Administrator Privileges by Right Clicking the downloaded file and selecting Run as Administrator (Windows Vista/7/8) and Let it perform the Scan. (DO NOT SCAN WITH YOUR ANTIVIRUS AS IT MAY ALREADY HAVE BEEN HEAVILY INFECTED FOR EITHER NOT FINDING INFECTIONS OR INFECTING FILES WHILE SCANNING..)
  8. Download Additional Malware/Spyware detection tool such as MalwareBytes Anti-Malware here http://www.malwarebytes.org/ or any other.. and Scan Your System.
  9. If possible, Download Antivirus Rescue Disks from Antivirus Vendors such as Avira (Recommended), Kaspersky (Recommended), Norton, AVG etc. and Create a Bootable USB Stick or CD/DVD Disk and Scan your System from Boot... If your system is heavily infected, then thoroughly scan your system and delete any infected files found because those files will only spread infection and cannot be recovered.. (Please Note, this process may render your System Unstable or Even Unbootable.. Follow this Process only if you already have minded up to Install a Fresh OS)
  10. If everything else fails, The next Best thing you can do is Install a Fresh Operating System and Follow Step no. 9 above... This ensures you that if you Install Fresh OS, it'll not get Corrupted or Infected just after Installation although it may get infected if Infection is Still Residing on your system. If above step is followed, your system will not be getting Infected until you receive infection from a medium such as USB Drives or files downloaded from Internet...

There isn't any 100% developed way to Completely Protect your Computer from Viruses and/or other malware because of the changing nature and way of infecting and creation of viruses and/or other malware every few seconds.. Still you can follow these precautions to lessen the chances of your system getting Infected:
  1. After you have Installed Fresh Operating System or Bought a New System Pre-Installed with OS, Always Install a good Antivirus Software from known developers at first such as Avira, Kaspersky, Avast, Norton, Quick Heal, AVG, Bitdefender etc. You don't always need a Paid or Full Version Software although it adds to the Security enhancement and added features but Still you can keep pace with Free Antivirus at First...
  2. Install an Anti Spyware or Anti Malware for added Security Layer such as MalwareBytes Anti Malware or SpyBot - Search & Destroy or any of your favorite AntiMalware Software..
  3. Always keep or at least try to keep your Anti Virus and Anti Malware upto date...
  4. Use Sandboxie or your favorite Sandbox software to test drive software or files you download straight from Internet such as using Sandboxed browser.
  5. Don't double click to open USB Sticks/Pen Drives/Removable drives including CD/DVDs to explore it's contents.. Open using address bar by typing C: for C drive or H: for H drive...
Important Tips: 
Accidently Formatted your Hard Drive or Partition or Deleted Files - Recover them Go here..
Task Manager Disabled by Your Administrator - Fix this Problem here..
Registry Editor Disabled by Your Administrator - Fix this Problem here..

Tags: how to clean infected computer, remove infection, clean virus, trojans, spyware, worm, pc infection
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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Install Latest and Bigger Games including Data Files on Internal Storage without Partition - Android Hack Application


Dear Users, You may have already seen or tried the Link2SD Android Application, that allows you to create links to external storage but with limitations such as Need to create a Secondary Partition that usually results in Partition getting dirty sooner and Unable to Move the Android OBB data files to external storage as a result of which you can save merely 100-200 MB of Internal Storage by Creating Links to SD Card with Link2SD but this isn't enough right...
Now, here i'm presenting you guys a new android application known as Folder Mount.. Available as Free App in Google Play Store.. This Application Moves data to Internal Storage and then Mounts Files and OBB data on Internal Storage as if the data has been stored in internal storage instead of external storage. Such as GTA Vice City, NOVA 3, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Modern Combat 4, Virtual Tennis Challenge etc.

  1. Download the .apk application and Install on your android device.
  2. Open the Application and Allow SuperUser Access.
  3. Click on Top Left menu and Select Apps Analyzer Option.
  4. Select the App you want to Mount to External Storage.
  5. Click to Create Pair for both Data and OBB Files.
  6. Select "Yes" to automatically allow the Application to Move Data to External Storage.
  7. You are DONE.. ENJOY !!!

The only limitation of this application is Free Version supports only 3 Pairs of Applications. For Linking More than that or all of your applications, Get the Pro Version to unlock all the functionality.

  1. Install the Application Freedom and allow Root Access. 
  2. After this has been done, Select "START" option by Clicking Soft Menu button on your Device and then Selecting FolderMount.. 
  3. Now open FolderMount's Settings Menu and Click on "Purchase Pro Version" & Make sure you are connected to the Internet..
  4. Select to Pay From Google Play Store (Recommended).
  5. Now you'll be presented with a Free Card something like XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-5689 or Something.
  6. Finally Click on Pay Now button and wait for confirmation message.
  7. Done.. Now Restart the Application to use Pro Version Mode.. ENJOY.. !!!

Folder Mount - Tusfiles       OR        Mediafire

Freedom        - Tusfiles       OR        Mediafire

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